January 2014 SEEKER Communication, LLC
began it's
15th year of business.
The company began with the realization
that outside the restaurant paging
application, no other company was focusing on the other applications for on-site paging.  

SEEKER began by developing products focused on the application of paging the parents of infants from a
church nursery.  In a short time SEEKER became North America's preferred provider of on-site paging
systems to churches.  

Today SEEKER has taken that same focused approach to providing systems for Medical, Manufacturing and
other Business applications.
SEEKER Communication, LLC - PO Box 760, La Place, LA 70069 - Toll Free 1-866-575-3713
email: paging@seekercommunication.com
Can we expand our system later by adding more product?

Yes, a simple phone call to our toll-free number and you can place an order for additional product. SEEKER
keeps computerized records of how each customer's order was programmed when originally sold. SEEKER
uses a forward and backward compatibility approach to all our product. You will not hear from SEEKER that
you can no longer get product that works with your system.  
Frequently Asked Questions
The Company
What is the range of the on-site paging system?

Range coverage for all wireless paging system is based of several variables. The SEEKER System will give you
up to 2 miles "line of sight", meaning an open unobstructed area between the transmitter and the pager.  
Even with steel and concrete construction you should expect a minimum of 1/4 to 1/2 mile coverage. That
can be expanded with a repeater to cover an even larger area.  
How does a wireless on-site paging system work?

There are two components in an on-site paging system. The first is the transmitter. It sends out a signal,
either numeric or alpha/numeric to the second component the pager. With on-site systems that signal is
direct between the two devises. Phone lines or satellites are not involved so the communication occurs almost
instantly. You own the product so there are no fees after the purchase.